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Photogrammetry for Digital Heritage
Instructor: Jesús Velázquez
Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Capacity: max. 8 students
Language: English
Date: Montag/Monday, 13:30-16:45
Location: Marienstr. 7B - 002 // Hybrid
First Meeting: 17.10.22 (Link to online meeting will be sent to accepted participants by email.) BISON Course ID: 322210018


Already in 1858, Albrecht Meydenbauer had the idea to use photographic images for the documentation of buildings, with the goal of creating a Denkmälerarchiv (Cultural Heritage Archive).

In this hands-on course students will learn the complete photogrammetry workflow as a basis for bridging the transition from the physical world to digital 2D and 3D environments. Participants will work with photogrammetric equipment (namely digital cameras) and specific processes to retrieve accurate geometry and position data in order to recreate objects and/or scenarios in a virtual three-dimensional space. Using terrestrial and aerial datasets, candidates will work on new strategies toward immersive experiences dealing with archives and forms of interaction with digital heritage. Closing the loop, output possibilities will be explored through the experimentation with rapid prototyping technologies and/or applications in virtual environments.

Students are encouraged to use this course as support for ongoing projects dealing with spatial/object virtual representation.

Final works are expected to be delivered in the form of functional prototypes, installations, interactive artworks, animations, etc. accompanied by a written conceptual and technical documentation.

Basic knowledge in digital photography as well as basics in 3D modeling are recommended.

Course dynamics

Lectures, weekly assignments (irregular), presentations, feedback, consultations, excursions and guest lectures.

Admission requirements

Students enrolled in another IFD course offering will be given priority. However the course is open for applicants from Media Art & Design, Media Architecture and Freie Kunst, with instructor permission.

Registration Procedure

In addition to the enrollment via the BISON portal, candidates are required to send a PDF portfolio including one page motivation letter, stating your interest for the course, current competences and background at: jesus.velazquez.rodriguez[ät]uni-weimar[dot]de


Successful completion of the course is dependent on regular attendance, active participation, completion of assignments, delivery of a relevant semester prototype and documentation. Please refer to the Evaluation Rubric for more details.

Eligible participants

BA & MFA Medienkunst/-gestaltung, MFA Media Art and Design, MSc MediaArchitecture, MFA Public Art, Diplom Freie Kunst

Platforms and Tools

Primary Synchronous Conferencing:

Contingency Synchronous Conferencing:

Student references, links and further readings

Syllabus (subject to change)

17 October 2022 / Week 1
Course Organization
Administrative Housekeeping

24 October 2022 / Week 2
Student short presentations
Origins of Photogrammetry
(Modern) Uses of Photogrammetry examples
Image aquisition
Sources and links the lecture

31 October 2022 / Week 3
No class - Reformationstag

07 November 2022 / Week 4
Async class - Photogrammetry in the art context
Beginner guides and tutorials
Sources and links to review

14 November 2022 / Week 5
Review artist's works
Intro to Meshroom
Sources and links to review

21 November 2022 / Week 6
Intro to Reality Capture

28 November 2022 / Week 7
Midterm Presentations

05 December 2022 / Week 8
Async/Student consultations

12 December 2022 / Week 9
Midterm Presentations part 2
Studio light & Turntable Workflow
Open end Processing Lab

19 December 2022 / Week 10
Student consultations

09 January 2023 / Week 11
Student consultations

16 January 2023 / Week 12
Open Lab

23 January 2023 / Week 13
Retopology & Open Lab

30 January 2023 / Week 14

06 February 2022 / Week 15
Final Presentations