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Physical Computing: Designing Bright Ideas
Instructor: Brian Larson Clark
Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Capacity: max. 14 students
Language: English
Location: TBA
First Meeting: 16 October 2023'


Stemming from a practical exploration of designing and constructing interactive systems that can sense and respond to their physical surroundings, this course delves into the captivating realm of light and its role in electronic artworks. As we extend computing beyond the paradigm of the screen, keyboard, and mouse, we will learn how to connect sensors and actuators to create devices that can interact directly with their environment.

We will cover fundamental technical skills in electronics and embedded programming while gaining a deeper understanding of light-centered interactions and how to design interfaces for non-screen-based devices.

This is a student-driven course. Topics will be determined by the interests/needs of the class.

Admission requirements

For Masters students. No prior experience in electronics or programming is required.

Things you need

  • TBA


Evaluation will be determined by regular class participation, and the completion of a final project.

Eligible participants

Qualified MFA Medienkunst/-gestaltung, MFA Media Art and Design, MSc MediaArchitecture candidates



Course Material