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  • Jedes Mitglied der Gruppe macht die Analyse für die Themenfelder der Gruppe (s.o.) selber (= keine Zusammenarbeit), da jede Person andere Fehler findet, sodass sich die Analysen ergänzen.
  • Bitte so dokumentieren, dass die Analyse und ihre Ergebnisse dem Lehrenden (Jan) und dem ChatSecure Team verständlich sind. Schreibt auf Englisch (wenn möglich, sonst Deutsch) und nutzt Screenshots oder Skizzen.

ChatSecure - Version 13.1.2

Visibility of system status

  • Your own status is shown in the space above your contacts. So it seems to be the status of all your contact. This is slightly confusing. But with a klick on the green circle you can change your status and realize that this is your own status.

Nutzerstudien start status.png

  • During the chat, all your messages are marked with a color and show you the security of your message. The colors distinguish between red (unsafe), yellow (only safe from one contact) and green (safe). In addition to the colors, there ist also a lock, which shows you the status of security. If the ciphering break down, there is a warning for the user.

Nutzerstudien verschluesselung beendet.png

  • Feedback of a lot of functions do not exist, so the user don‘t know what happend, for example when you try to start OTR and the contact isn't online, then there appears a permanent rotary circle but nothing happens.

Nutzerstudien rotierender kreis.png

Match between system an the real world

  • Creating an new account is clear structured and requires only a few data (new user name, provider and a password) from the user. The list of the provider sounds not very confidential to someone who is not familiar with "jabber". So it would useful to give the user some help.

The same would be necessary down to the option "Verbinden über Tor (Benötigt Orbotapp)" - I think some of the user don't know what this item means. One solution could be an infomationbutton next to the pointed problems.

Nutzerstudien anmeldung create.png Nutzerstudien anmedlung create jabberanbieter.png

  • For the existing account I think there are no problems. The person, which already own a jabber account has engaged with "jabber" an know the basic things.

User control an freedom

Consistency and standards

  • You can swipe right an left to change from your contactlist to all open chats. Pull from the left side wil open the menu. All these are typical moves to use an smartphone.
  • The Language is easy to unterstand and they use known terms. But there is no continuous language - somtimes its in englisch and sometimes in german, so you have to switch between these two languages.

It would be better if there is used one language. There are two possibilities to solve the problem. The first would be only present the app in englisch (language of the developer) and the second would be to present two different versions - one in englisch and one in german.

  • the menu is partially clear. But there is one items, which is confusing.

The "panic - button" enables the user to cancel the app but there is an extra security query, if he really want to cancel.

Nutzerstudien menu1.png Nutzerstudien panic abfrage.png

Error prevention

  • There ist no error prevention, within the app there are too many error messages and there is no helping function.

Recognition rather than recall

Flexibility and efficiency of use

  • Can't found any difference between novice and expert users.

Aesthetic and minimalist design

  • It is an clear an simple design

Help users recognize, diagnose, an recover from errors

  • There are a lot off bugs within the app and most of the time ChatSecure close the app an asks the user if he would send a report to the developer. In some case there are warnings or error messages

Nutzerstudien crash.png Nutzerstudien crash data.png

help an documentation

A lot of things are intuitiv, if you are familiar in handling a smartphone. But there are also a lot of bugs and mistakes within the app and there are also some „wrong“ or some unexpected reaction. A few functions do not accord with the norm or there is a other reaction as you would expect in reality. So an documentation would be very helpful.