FINAL assignment

FINAL Assignment for 31.03.2014:

sync beta - a beta web service which is able to present PDF presentations on multiple screens and devices.

To use sync, you simply upload a PDF file which is converted to single images. You can now jump from image to image while everyone with a internet browser could follow your presentation.

To test it I recommend a pc to create/control the presentation and a mobile gadget to view it. If the link is broken, please contact me. It's just free hosted.

A short documentation about sync (German)


Older assignments

Assignment for 12.11.2013:

Simple HTML website optimized for mobile gadgets

Testapp - first little App, based on tutorials from "Apps mit HTML5 und CSS3 von Florian Franke"

Assignment for 19.11.2013:

on time clock - The on time clock works differently than normal watches. It makes use of the psychological expectations of a human being to provoke punctuality. Check website for more information.

Assignment for 03.12.2013:

Just Throw Some Snowballs - It's winter time so let's have some fun with snowballs. But please be careful!

Assignment for 10.12.2013:

YMR temperature - Gives the current temperature and adapt the background color to it.

Assignment for 17.12.2013:

Appchen Map & List - some location markers on a map and in a list read from a json file.

Assignment for 14.01.2014:

Appchen with JSON - due to lack of time I only continued on this little project. The shown data & marker are now read from a JSON[[JSON|JavaScript Object Notation]] Format file.

Assignment for 21.01.2014:

Chart of a German's lifetime - I can't find a way how to zoom out. I tried different things, like changing the css style of the bars on click etc, but my problem is how to select the bars.