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Instructor: Brian Clark
Credits: 6 ECTS, 3 SWS
Capacity: 20 students
Language: English
Location: TBD
First Meeting: 22nd October 2019


This course builds upon the foundation of web design (HTML[[HTML|Hypertext Markup Language]], CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]]) and focuses on the programatic elements of web development. Topics include front-end programming (JavaScript), server-side development (Node.js), working with APIs, and WebSockets.

This is a student-driven course and topics will be determined by the interests/needs of the class. Laptops are required.

Admission requirements

For Bachelor and Masters students with experience with HTML[[HTML|Hypertext Markup Language]] and CSS[[CSS|Cascading Style Sheets]], but with little or no programming experience.


Grades will be calculated as follows:

30% classroom attendance/participation/performance
30% assignments (2 small projects)

40% final project

Syllabus (subject to change)


Course Materials


Further Reading