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Let's Connect!
Instructor: Brian Clark
Credits: 6 ECTS, 3 SWS
Capacity: 20 students
Language: English
Location: TBD
First Meeting: 22nd October 2019


This course builds upon the foundation of web design (HTML, CSS) and focuses on the programatic elements of web development. Topics include front-end programming (JavaScript), server-side development (Node.js), working with APIs, and WebSockets.

This is a student-driven course and topics will be determined by the interests/needs of the class. Laptops are required.

Admission requirements

For Bachelor and Masters students with experience with HTML and CSS, but with little or no programming experience.


Grades will be calculated as follows:

30% classroom attendance/participation/performance
30% assignments (2 small projects)

40% final project

Syllabus (subject to change)

Course Syllabus (pdf)



Class Files

29 Oct. - p5.js Class Examples

05 Nov - API Class Examples

Class Resources

Web Design Resources/References:
CSS Cheatsheet
Web Standards Checklist
Bootstrap Homepage
jQuery Homepage
HTML Codes Table
Unicode Character Table

Web Development Tools:
HTML Validator
CSS Validator
CSS3 Generator
Favicon Converter (.ico)
Grid Layout Generator
Bootstrap Template Examples
Google Fonts
Font Awesome
htaccess Generator

Other Useful Links:
Web Pages That Suck – Learning Good Design Through Bad Design
Principles of Graphic Design
SEO Starter Guide