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A very simple iPad app to view the videos of 3sat Mediathek.


<videoflash type=vimeo>49853890|640|360</videoflash>

Screen shots


This is a student project. It stands in no relationship to 3sat.

Technical Realization

The video information is provided by 3sat via a RSS feed. The RSS feed needs a little server-side optimisation. I provide a compromised JSON feed of the video data on my own server. So the video information will be downloaded super fast.

The main view is a very big UIScrollView with one big container view containing UIViews for every single video. Due to memory performance the images are only shown if they are visible in the UIScrollView. The images are downloaded once and saved locally on the iPad. So they will show up much faster if they are viewed a second time.

If the user taps on a video the user visually dives into the video. The video is provided as an HTTP Live Stream, so the video quality automatically is selected based on the internet connection.

To go back the user just has to pinch out.