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'I Don't Know' is an experimental radio play which offers a feminist revision of the field of Artificial Intelligence, and a meditation on how investigations in AI can open us up to new, transformed and outlying subjectivities. Three events are wrapped in one: 30 people get together to mount a re-creation of Alan Turing's proposed 'Imitation Game' (a test for AI evaluation), in Weimar, Germany; An embodied AI robot navigates modern love; and a surreal conversation between two manic-pixie-cyber-lovers weaves in between.

The iOS app is meant to be an alternate distribution platform, besides radio broadcast, for this piece of sound art . I wanted the interface to further the concepts I was working with: the concept of mind and the creation of mind, in subjects and in objects. The user manipulates the face of the audio player, giving the impression of changing the expression, or 'mind', of the robot. Subtle animation of the mouth is generated by the volume intensity of the audio being played back. The radio play was first broadcasted on Bauhaus.fm in June 2013, it was a half-hour in duration. This radio play is being re-mixed on an on-going basis.

RL Owens iDontKnow 002.jpg

[Here's a link to video documentation of 'I Don't Know'] It's a bit quiet at first, please turn your sound up :)

A scan from my sketchbook. Figuring out the functionality and design of the app. SketchbokProgram 2.jpg