List of Sensors and Actors used on the Fingies Cards

feel free to structure, improve, add useful info on this page - I just created this page to prepare a workshop and buy the necessary components.

Shake: Accelerometer (MMA1251KEG)

IR-Receiver: Detects the Infrared Signals from a TV Remote (36kHz carrier and 38 kHz carrier)

RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace-LEDLight-emitting diode: SMD LEDLight-emitting diode 5050 RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace PLCC6

Humidity: Printed Sensor, based on resistance of the base material when it becomes wet. Only a resistor needed for the measurement. around 50k to 100k worked well on thick paper in our design.

Bend Sensor (Watterott)

Pressure (readily made)

Pressure (printed) - same as Printed Humidity Sensor - responds to skin resistance on printed traces.

Button (mechanical)

Magnetic Fields:


Vibration Motor: Any cellphone's vibration motor can be used. I used the one from samsung gt8150 or Nokia 2630 as it has some cables attached, is sealed and comes with a sticky back that can be put on the printed circuits...,a,en,811798.html

Flat Touch Potentiometer Ring (HotPot)

PIR-Sensor (Heat):

Piezo (Speaker) Conrad (or a little less shipping cost on

Piezo (Microphone): Same as Speaker, but used as Microphone