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Get That Soldering Done


The task was to build a small circuit mainly in order to familiarise ourselves with a soldering iron.


Tobias Wolf and I constructed a wooden display that either shows the number zero or the number one with the help of a drilled dot matrix and nine LEDs.


To accomplish the change of the number we build a two-way connection; first we put one, two and two times three LEDs each in a series circuit and connected those in parallel. Next a resistor of 330 Ohm was used for the wiring with only one LED and a resistor of 220 Ohm for the one with two LEDs. That's slightly more resistance than needed but we assumed this wouldn't be a problem.

On top of this we improvised a toggle switch which connects the two LEDs either with the single LED to form the "1" or with the other six LEDs to form the "0".

Led-zero-one-two-way-connection-back.jpg Led-zero-one-two-way-connection-switch1.jpg Led-zero-one-two-way-connection-switch2.jpg

Circuit Diagram

Last but not least, our wiring diagram: