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Projektmodul / Project Module
Enlightening Narratives - artistic approach to light, sound, perception and interaction
Instructor: Prof. Martin Hesselmeier
Credits: 18 ECTS, 16 SWS
Capacity: max. 14 students
Language: english, deutsch
Date: Plenum: Tuesdays, 09:15-12:30; Consultations by appointment
Location: Online/Marienstraße 7b,104
First Meeting: 17 October 2023, 09:15
(More information regarding the first meeting will be sent to accepted participants by email.)
BISON Course


Light is and remains one of the most important elements for the existence of life on earth. Plants, animals and humans depend on it. Light is omnipresent, it makes things visible and is itself transparent. Light gives rooms stillness, creates spatial presence, makes space disappear. It is both a representation and a means of representation - a fascinating material for artists and designers. Digital technologies make it possible to think of light dynamically, responsively or interactively and challenge us to develop adequate new forms and ways of dealing with it. Sound plays a major role in this context. The question arises as to what artistic and design potentials arise when light can react to its environment in combination with sound.

The aim of the project module is to explore and prototype new forms of interaction with light and sound. In addition to a fundamental understanding of the physical phenomenon of light and its physiological effects, we want to explore the character of light and develop interesting connections between light and the human experience.

The term in the seminar title - Enlightening Narratives - artistic approach to light, sound, perception and interaction - can be understood to mean all things, objects, interventions, items, modules, artefacts and installation works and their interfaces that deal with the theme of light. In this project module, there will be space for creative and artistic concepts and their implementation that deal with the topic of light in the most diverse forms.

The following teaching formats are offered:

Lecture: A series of lectures is offered to accompany the bachelor's and master's projects of the professorship. This deals with various design and artistic positions and provides an insight into tools and methods for the conception and design of objects, artefacts and installation works and their interfaces that deal with the subject of light. The language of the course will be English.

Artisttalk: We will receive visits - in person as well as online - from interesting designers and artists who will give an insight into their work and working processes.

Consultation: Individual projects and professional development can be discussed by appointment. At least 2 consultations should be attended.

Exhibition visit: As part of the project module, we will visit an exhibition that deals with the theme of light. Afterwards, we will discuss and exchange ideas about the works and positions shown.

Admission requirements

Enrollment in MKG/MAD MFA or MediaArchitecture MSc programs, or with instructor permission.
Please attend of the accompanying modules in Interface Design

Physical Computing: Designing Bright Ideas by Brian Larson Clark

Sound Source - Light Sink by Clemens Wegener

Application and registration procedure

Registration via the BISON Portal

Please send a one-page letter (deutsch, english) of motivation outlining your interest in the course, as well as your level of knowledge and background to : martin.hesselmeier@uni-weimar.de

Eligible participants

MFA Medienkunst/-gestaltung, MFA Media Art and Design, MSc MediaArchitecture candidates

Syllabus (subject to change)

09:15-12:30h, Marienstraße 7 B - Seminarroom 104

17.10.2023 Welcome, Introduction, Course Organization

24.10.2023 Light I / Pioneers of light

31.10.2023 no class

07.11.2023 - 09.11.2023 Workshop by RaumZeitPiraten

14.11.2023 Light II / From pigment to light / Light and movement

23.11.2023 Exhibition Visit, Berlin, DarkMatter

28.11.2023 Light III / Light as information / Light as a metaphor

05.12.2023 Artist talk: Karolina Halatek

12.12.2023 Midterm Presentations

19.12.2023 Light IV / Light as action, performance / live generative audiovisual performances / Composed light

09.01.2024 Project work, exhibition inspection

16.01.2023 Artist talk: random-international

23.01.2023 Project work, prepare presentations

30.01.2024 Final Presentations

02.-04.02.2024 Exhibition, Winterwerkschau

Platforms and Tools

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