For coding the envelope follower, please refer to the last video recording, where I explain the code in depth. The results/solution of the last homework is given here:

Task for Session 8

Please prepare a small presentation (~5min), illustrating you project idea!

So, go for a stroll, take some inspiration and write up a paragraph of what you would like to build by the end of the semester. This will enable us to discuss the technology next Monday and talk about ways to make it all happen! Add pictures/illustrations if you need!!!

Please include: - a description of your idea - the setting: is it a performance instrument or an installation, etc.? - who will use it (encounter it) and how? - how does it compare to similar interfaces or installations? - add a parts list, (things you need to buy. -> ask me if you are not sure what you need!) - sketches of housings/the setup, if you already have done so