Lehrperson: Prof. Dr. Jens Geelhaar
Bewertung: 18 / 24 ECTS, 16 SWS
Termin: Donnerstags, 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr
Ort: Marienstraße 5/7b
Erster Termin: Donnerstag, 14.10.2010, 10.00 Uhr


Digital Archives are part of our live. Huge information archives and libraries as well as documents and personal memories like photos and texts permanently accompany us in the digital world. Social networks are part of our social lives. We want to investigate art and design concepts focusing on physical interfaces for the organization of these “digital live archives”. How do they interfere with our living and working environments and the urban space? How can we make this “data” physically available – perceivable? Participants should already be familiar with Arduino/Processing or other electronic environments – otherwise they are required to visit the accompanying course by Jan Sieber. Participants are also expected to take part in the MediaCity conference in October.

Projekttag: Donnerstag 10 -16 h

Plenum: Donnerstag 10-12:30 h

Konsultationen: Donnerstag 13-16 h


Offen für MGMediengestaltung →MKG, MS, MKMedienkultur, MediaArchitecture, PD1. public domain 2. in the context of the university PD sometimes stands for Product Design, VKVisuelle Kommunikation – a graphic design program at the faculty Gestaltung, Freie Kunst und alle Interessierten


HTML5 video experiment:

Screen frame overlay (Infrared based?):

Good multitouch user forum:

johnny lee's wiimote whiteboard:

finger tracking:

head up display:

PS3 move tracking:

microsofts "surface":