IFD:Designing Networked Objects

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Designing Networked Objects
Instructor: Brian Clark
Credits: 6 ECTS, 3 SWS
Capacity: 20 students
Language: English
Location: TBD
First Meeting: 24nd October 2019


This course introduces concepts and techniques for designing, constructing, and programming objects, spaces and media that not only sense and respond to their physical surroundings, but share that information with other objects. Moving beyond the interface paradigm of the screen, keyboard and mouse, this course will employ physical computing to enable alternate models for interaction with (and through) computational devices that afford more subtle and complex relations between a range of human and non-human actors. Combining presentations, discussions on the history of relevant projects, and a series of hands-on technical exercises, this course provides a practical context for experimental practice in networking objects.

Topics include physical computing, interface design, practical components of hardware design, and embedded programming. This is a student-driven course and topics will be determined by the interests/needs of the class.

Admission requirements

For graduate students.


Grades will be calculated as follows:

30% classroom attendance/participation/performance
30% assignments (2 small projects)

40% final project

Syllabus (subject to change)


Course Material

Cost for electronic components will be approx. 40€

Further Reading