A general remark: When linking to another page, use a sentence and link the relevant section of it. Don't link here and there! Example:

Internal links

Every link to another page of this wiki is a good link. Internal links strengthen the connections in between the pages of the wiki making it a good experience browsing. Cross-links and references inside of this wiki making it grow and better.

To link to this page, which has the name Help:Links you simply enclose the title with two square brackets (alt+5 and alt+6 on a german Mac keyboard) like this:


You can also make any other text linking to that page, obfuscating the pages name where it doesn't look appropriate. To do that add the pipe symbol | (alt+7 on a german Mac keyboard) to separate the page you want to link to and the text you want to be displayed like this:

[[Help:Links|Link reference]]

To link to a subpage of the current page simply start the Link with a slash


To omit the slash for the display a trailing slash may be added like this:


Wikipedia links

Wikipedia can be a good reference in some cases and it is a reliable destination for links from our wiki since it is unlikely that it will shut down any time soon. This is why links to Wikipedia are honoured by the same syntax as internal links.

Links to articles of the english wikipedia can be included like this:


For any other language you may use the language code like this:


Google links

To link to a google results page may be a good alternative to linking to a specific website since private servers are probable to shut down or change URLuniform resource locator – a human readable web address which is looked up by the →DNS and translated into an →IP Address. For convenience you may use the this syntax for the popular Google search engine:


ISBN Book search

Linking to a ISBN Book search is very easy, simply write ISBN followed by a number and it will be linked to the ISBN Books page automatically (Hint: there is no : after ISBN).

External Links

Links from this wiki to external websites are undoubtedly useful, but should be used with care. Please keep in mind that this interesting art project you might want to link to today, could be off line, or linking to a porn site tomorrow. Keep external links to a minimum and rather consider to use wikipedia or Google links instead. If you see the same link on several wiki pages it might be a good idea to make one wiki page for this link, and direct all those pages to this one wiki page. That way there is only one page to keep up to date if that external link changes (Example: instead of linking to puredata.info on every single page where Pure Data is mentioned, rather link to Category:Pure Data where a short explanation is found and that link to the official page lives).

A plain external link will be rendered clickable:


A link with a descriptive title separated from the URLuniform resource locator – a human readable web address which is looked up by the →DNS and translated into an →IP Address with a space.

[http://www.uni-weimar.de Website of the Bauhaus Universität]

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