Fachmodul/Werkmodul: BioArt

Lehrer: Mindaugas Gapševičius

The course is designed as an introduction to the work with live tissues, bacteria, cellular organisms and other life-like processes including crystal growing or automata concepts. The weekly seminar is split into two parts: theoretical and practical. During the theoretical part we will discuss artworks involving the work with life forms and the practical part will involve the work with organisms.

The work with organisms (bacteria, physarum, euglena, amoeba, algae, molds, plants, etc) in biolab will focus on the analysis of living systems and their relation to the habitat. Living and non-living systems will be considered while sensing and recording their shifts with the help of microscopes and cameras, analysing and interacting with them while bridging with electronics and computers, sharing and documenting experiments online and on paper.