Video Wall Signal input

There are three ways to get a signal into the Video Wall

  • Using the video splitter module "Datapath" (DVI[[Standards/Video|Digital Visual Interface]], connected to the Graphics Workstation "Ariadne" on the right side of the right table)
  • Using the "Daisychain" input (Displayport, connected to Sound Workstation "Enigma" on the left side of the right table)
  • Using the RasPis (Distributed on the back of the wall

The Signal from the videosplitter box and the Pis share a single input of the screens using an HDMI switches.

The HDMI-switches need to be powered by the Pis in order to work! (Neither the Splitted Signal from the "Datapath" Box nor the Pis will work if thex are not)

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