In this tutorial I will explain how to export the tracking data of the Captury Software running on the linux operating system Gnome.

For this example I will export the tracking data of the recorded Scene shot2 of the project Bounce and Rebound.


Check first where you saved your scene on the local harddisk.

TrackingPlattformExport 1.jpg


Then go with the mouse into the left up corner of the window to fade in the manager system and click in the left tool bar on the icon Dateien to open the file directory.

TrackingPlattformExport 2.jpg


In the file directory search for the right folder of your scene.

TrackingPlattformExport 3.jpg


In your folder you see some different type of files. For this example we had recorded 2 people with 10 cameras: leif and florian

For the whole scene you have:

File Type Use
stream.avi an uncompressed .AVI video file for each camera.
background.png a .PNG picture file for each camera. It's like a screenshot, so you could with it compared the brightness of the cameras.
noise.png a .PNG picture file for each camera. So you could with it verify, how well you calibrated each cameras.
motion.fbx .FBX is a popular 3D file format. It is now one of the main 3D exchange formats as used by many 3D tools. With it you could for example import it to your Blender/Unity project and add the animated skeleton of the entire scene.
camera.calib a note file for the whole scene in which you could see how was your saved scene calibrated.
florian.dofs for each user you can find a .DOFS file.
florian.meta The .META file contains information about the corresponding video files, including the duration of the file, the name of the file and a short description of the file.
florian.obj The .OBJ file format is a simple data-format that represents 3D geometry alone. This file can contain texture maps, 3D coordinates and other 3D object data.
florian.skel This .SKEL file contain the mesh skeleton of your player. With this .SKIN File you could import the smooth skin of your player rendered in the Captury Software to your other 3D Sofware.


Plug your external hard disk and copy the files
Note: The right computer is the one with the black tower under the table

Use Hard Disk with NTFS Format for best result - exFat Format could be only recognize in read mode
Eject the hard disk properly


Congratulations, you copied your Tracking Data files!