Stella Noeme Effenberger

Medienkunst / Mediengestaltung



What if Corona was just the beginningand the worst plagues of history had their comeback in superior mutated versions, wiping half of humanity from the planet?

  • developing an apocalyptic scenario (environmental destruction themed or nature-gains-back-what-we-left -style)
    • origins: melting permafrost, military laboratories, animals
    • impact: economy changes to mail order business only, homeoffice is standard, cultural events all online, drones (delivery) and robots do jobs that require presence, public transport goes extinct, emergency doctors are trained; stores, concert halls, theatres etc. get converted into storehouses and shipping factories run by AI; everyone is kept in their homes; the world seems empty
    • society: struggling, riots form and have to be dispersed by the military, permanent quarantine for everyone, lonelyness, suicide rate increasing severely, emotional numbness is all that's left, birth rate drops
    • future: dropouts leave society, take over abandoned places oder storehouses and try to live together like in the pre2020s but they all die of diesease, others do the same but in protection suits (gas mask, Overall etc) and that compromise somehow works

final outcome: