Hey! I born and raised in İstanbul/ Turkey. I studied art/painting in both secondary school and undergraduate. I am currently doing my master degree in media art and design and I am in my second term.

In this class, I will be studying on Left-wing Libertarianism or Social Liberalism. Left-libertanism strongly embraced idea of self-ownership, just like Right-Libertarianism. However, they differ on the ownership of natural resources. We owns ourself but we do not own nature at least as induviduals. Within the framework of the general ideologies of the left liberals, I created a slogan what I understand from left wing libertarianism "my body, our environment". I also made a summary about different topics;

  • State Libertarian socialism reject centralized state ownership and control of economy and sometimes state itself.
  • Economy Market-oriented left-libertarians argue that so-called free markets actually consist of economic privileges granted by the state. These left-libertarians advocate for free markets, termed freed markets, that are freed from these privileges. They see themselves part of the free-market tradition of socialism.[1]
  • Private Property Socialist left-libertarians are opposed to private property and the private ownership of the means of production, supporting instead common or social ownership, or property rights based on occupation and use.[2]

Property rights in question are moral rights and no need to be legally recognized by the state.

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