Another World Is Possible – One World Where Many Worlds Fit!

We believe that the status quo leads in the wrong direction. We believe that the ones in power only obey if we command them to do so. We believe that through structures of collective self-organization it is possible to create a better world within the here and now. We risk our present so that we might have a future. So that we might live, we die. We will never stop to…

…speak out the most radical critique of existing power structures – cause fear shall not be our leader.

…propose the most crazy alternative solution that we believe in – cause oppressed hopes can not grow roots of freedom.

…realize the closest practical action that confronts structures of power – cause the ignorance of power is what brings us into existence.

We are rebellion and resistance. We are only one of the many sledgehammers that will tear down their walls, one of the many winds that will sweep this earth, and one of the many seeds that will give birth to other worlds. We are anarchists.

If they do not respect existence – they must expect resistance!