I'm Sheng from Taiwan and having my 4th semester Master in Media Art and Design and I had my Bachelor in Language in Taipei. Since 2-3 years I live in Europe, in Germany and in Italy.

Lots of people from my generation got inspired from Sunflower Student Movement in 2014 [1] and began to attend or care different political issues, usually Issues about Taiwan and China. I was still kind of apolitical at that time, and didn't visit the site, although some lecturers from my university also encouraged us to inform ourselves about the whole movement. My father, on the contrary, was angry with those students (actually there were not only students, but also people with different classes and backgrounds) and asked me better not to get into this trouble. I tried to stay neutrality and don't want to argue with him, but still discuss and get information or comments with people, friends or my Father. He is the generation, which under the regime of KMT [2]

My political enlightenment was a documentary workshop in HongKong, after my exchange year at the age of 21. It was relative late. but it's never too late to get to know about politics.

Since I've spent and lived most of my life in Taiwan, I was deeply influenced by Confucianism. After getting into politics, I start reflecting myself and things I have learned or thoughts I used to believe in. Some of the ideas are still pretty right, but some might be just rules for those upper to better control the civilian.

Taiwan (unfortunately, our official Name is still Republic of China, ROC) is now a democratic, free land, whereas People of Republic of China, PRC or just China, is still solely governed by Communist Party of China, but it just had its name...obviously I don't like China or the Chinese government because of the different cognition of country-states.

I would like to know and imagine a place without China or what if Mainland China were ruled by Taiwan and we had to recapture it, or how would a 'Confucianist' with his/her Ideology live in contemporary China, where their government still claims they have to last and spread their great Chinese Confucianism 'traditions & cultures' with the world and set hundreds of Confucius Institute [3] overseas. A Breeches role?

Educational Institutes are best ways brain washing people and changing the history.


Quotes from Confucius, Mencius and the Book "The Analects"

“Seek- ing to achieve humanity [仁] leaves no room for evil” (Analects, 4.4)

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Regierungspressekonferenz am 10.07.20 [5]