GMU:Speculative Atmospheres II/Dahye Seo

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leaves leave the tree and became notes

the wind became a melody

we are one song


Create melodies and generate sounds from falling leaves

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1. Put a music sheet near the tree.

2. The leaves from tree fall on the music sheet. (one leaf become one note)

3. Play the melody with a sound program or analog instrument.


analogue octave sensor, proto type _ fabric, thread, 90cm x 225 cm


14:00 - 16:00 Anseong. South Korea, 37.011638467955905, 127.26428862409847

After removing the leaves placed outside the music sheets.


14:00 - 16:00 Anseong. South Korea, 37.011638467955905, 127.26428862409847

Convert leaves to musical notes

play leaves music with piano


I will continue to develop this work. it could be developed in several way. for example, I could choice one tree and make one score everyday as if writing a diary. or I could assign trees in several different location, and put the empty fabric sheet under the trees at the same time and complete a long piece of music.

It would be also interesting to compare several musicians converting the leaves music sheet to normal music sheet and play it in their own way.

I think the analog piano sound is suitable for this project, so I will continue to play music on piano for a while. however, I would like to experiment to make a sound digitally in this project through digital programs such as processing.