Computational Systems

 This is the first block of the workshop series GMU:Self-Organisation by Design


Self-Organizing Systems usually have two components:

  • Spacial Environment (i.e. Cellular Automaton or Vector field)
  • Large number of Mobile Units (i.e. Particles or Agents)
 In this workshop we will lear how to model those components in Processing,
 and how interactions between them can give rise to self-organizing behaviour.


  • Simple Cellular Automata (CA)
    • Discrete and Continuous CA
    • CA on regular grids
    • CA on irregular grids
  • Multi-Level Cellular Automata
    • Multilevel, Multiscale CA
    • CA as Neural Networks
    • Turing-McCabe Patterns
  • Vector Fields
    • Particles in static vector fields
    • Particles in dynamic vector fields


 Some of the systems we are going to explore in Processing are 
 readily available in other software suites.
 We will have a look at them and learn how to implement these systems from scratch.
  • Netlogo (Alife Environment)
  • Golly (Game of Life Simulator)
  • Ready (Reaction-Diffusion Systems)



 This section will contain links to subpages and experiments of the participants.


Science Books

Popular Science Books

Computer Science Books

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Hands-On Programming Books

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Coffee Table Books

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