Like anywhere else around the world, big family used to live together in a big house, different form nowadays, that we live in small apartments with our partners or only with our own. Chinese people used to live with their parents and grandparents. Three generations live under one roof is quite common, and it will be considered as a gigantic happiness if 4 or even 5 generations can live together. It's more like a family community, each couple have their own life and space, but as the same time they live extremely close to each other.

We'd like to share those memories. With sound and maybe only with sound, we try to present a time and a place which seems to be everlasting, but is about to vanish in resent decades.

The space itself is abstract. Sounds are realistic, and they could provide some details, encouraging participates to generate their own imaginations on the intangible environment.

Therefor, the form of this project is trying to create an intangible space in another existing space, which has no relation, both temporally and geographically,to the created space.

We choose Si-he-yuan to be the created space. For the replaced space, we are thing of using the classroom or half of the working room in Marienstr. 9.


A Si-he-yuan (Chinese: 四合院; pinyin: sìhéyuàn;English: quadrangle dwellings) is a historical type of residence which can be commonly found in north China, most famously in Beijing. The name literally means a courtyard surrounded by four buildings.

Layout of a three-yard Si-he-yuan.

We are planing to create an atmosphere as follow:

The play.

sound samples

[1]ads for fixing metal pots
[2]ads for stoning knifes and scissors
[3] a middle-aged chorus


An experiment in the attic of Marienstr. 3.

3 atticwalk 001.jpg


Certain still objects are chosen to present certain scenes.

1.A bowl metaphorizes a kitchen.↓

3 stillobject bowl 001.jpg

2.A piece of cloth metaphorizes a room which a women is working on a sewing machine.↓

3 stillobject cloth 001.jpg

Hand made coil on fabric as a speaker.
Pick it up and listen what it's murmuring.↓

3 lisening 001.jpg

Final Presentation

Installation in Glas Kasten.