Persian in Weimar/Working Title

Public spaces in a city are one of the most important parts of the environment. Streets are the simplest example of public spaces, where people get the first impression of city. On the other hand, environmental graphics, urban architecture, which is part of the beauty and efficiency visual elements is involved in environmental design. For this purpose, my first review was on the sign street in Weimar, the historical and cultural city, in as much as it is called. Besides Weimar, was called Shiraz’s step-sister, is one of Iranian’s prides in the fields of art, culture and civilization. I became interested in using of Persian letters in the streets of the city. According to my idea, the German words replace with Persian words in the streets, such as windows, shops and etc.

Whereas the shape of letters has a visual influence on the viewer I try to use varied Persian typeface in the works. Since Persian writing system completely different with roman system and Persian words are new for foreign audience it can provide a visual and intellectual involvement. In addition this situation motivates the viewer. Therefore, to achieve this purpose, I used photography and typography to combine each other to create collages. It leads to create a new visual concept in these works.


File:Somayeh Jamalifard.pdf