Shabnam Ghaderi | Provocative Architecture

“Architecture is not four walls and a roof; it is also, and above all, the air that remains within, the space that these enclose”. Lao-Tse,an ancient Chinese Philosopher.

In this project I’m attempting to focus on the concept of light in architecture and to manifest how lights create the impression of space by going through the details, to sensitize visual perception of space and to use photography as a means of knowingly and consciously evoke the reactions of the viewer and to evoke the feeling and sense of the place.

I’m also impressed by the relationship between architecture and light by creating a sense of mystery or simply highlighting interest points within the space and I’m keener on exploring these ideas in a minimalistic style. Basically I’m trying to perform this idea by using time lapse Photography technic and to create a work of art with a minimum number of colors, shapes, textures and lines.

Also I’m thinking about an abstract image of a city to be performed by this Technic, to create a new perception of the image of the city and to offer a whole new way of seeing.

-The elements that will be used are:

-Tiny movements

-Lights an Shadows / Contrasts

-City lights

-Nature movements


-Harmony and conflicts

The outcome will be performed in a movie. I practiced on some basic scenes and I made some short movies as a sample :




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