Katharina Kraus

room investigation by body and picture

29.10.2012: where I come from - and now?

I discover the diversity of architecture
in digital pictures disposing diverse blending modes
to analyse different layers of built room and pictorial space
I`m interested in an augmented matrix of rooms where the laws of nature are interviewed
(multiple perspectives, upside turns down, no gravity)
I focus on fragmentation and coverage, deconstruction and reassembly
surfaces as interfaces, interference of space and body

body serves as point of reference and originator:
gesture will provoke architectural changes
constructing as outcoming of body-focussed behaviour

random recording or choreographed performance?
story or just situations?
or no human body - just forms? → What initates transitions?
not just empty indoor rooms. closeups → structure
enter facades, streets (untravelled), squares (deserted).

05.11.2012: to and fro

exercising in dimensions: single straight lines

testing projections:

13.11.2012: scanning faces of buildings

20.11.2012: Paris Architecture

26.-28.11.2012: Workshop: Performance in Mediated Space

sample : performance in mediated space

final result : spaced in squares


blackbox photoshop


blackbox real

17.12.-19.12. 2012: Ausstellung: ADIEU MARIE


impressions of the opening:



31.01.2013 concept text & image sample

concept: text & picture


I explore the diverse performances and each respective black box
frame by frame, move by move, angle by angle, side by side.

black box transformes from fixed five-sided thing to organic polygons
the animated space concurs with the body motions it encases

03.04.2013 Final Presentation:

The video is advertising & request
and works as a short documentation

Beyond Black Box


New Trailer Version without Text:

Beyond Black Box - just forms