Weimar; the adventure game

The concept

I would like to make an interactive adventure game that will take place in the city of Weimar where the player can visit different places of the city and interact with the characters and objects.

What is an adventure game?

An adventure game is a unique genre of gaming where the player can not only control the character but can genuinely interact with the other characters and objects (talk, look, pick up etc) and has a non-linear style of game play (under a certain storyline).


The goal of this adventure game is to obtain your Thoska[http://www.uni-weimar.de/cms/intern/thoska.html '''T'''hüringer '''Ho'''chschul- und '''S'''tudentenwerks'''ka'''rte''] that's the student service and identification card'' card for your Bauhaus University but in order to do that, you will have to travel to different locations in the city of Weimar, pick up objects, talk to various people which will help you obtain clues to reach your ultimate destination,


The objective of this project is to present a unique, humorous but also a familiar scenario to what problems a new student of the Bauhaus University could face when he/she arrives to Weimar for the first time. I want to represent Provocative Architecture through a digital interactive experience where the concept of utilization of space and the digital life can be fulfilled in its truest form.

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