Weimar; the adventure game

The concept

Weimar; the adventure game is an interactive adventure game that will take place in the city of Weimar where the player can visit different places of the city and interact with the characters and objects.

Jibran01.jpg Jibran2.jpg Jibran3.jpg Jibran4.jpg Jibran8.jpg Jibran9.jpg Larrycarnival.jpg Computergeek.jpg Grumpyoldman.jpg Jibran6.jpg Campus office 02.jpg Menza01.jpg Mensa 02.jpg Hauptbf.jpg Studentenwerk01.jpg Studentenwerk02.jpg Goetheplatz.jpg Theaterplatz01.jpg

Link to the game http://www.uni-weimar.de/medien/wiki/images/Final.swf