| Tehran Past, Present, Future |

“ As our dream have been deeply ingrained with poppies and lilies and irises which had the color of the sea, we were leaving today, yesterday, tomorrow in oblivion. Today, yesterday, tomorrow was burning by the lit candle, and I was still alive.” (From a poem by Ahmadreza Ahmadi)

“Tehran Past, Present, Future” is a project describing Tehran city from my point of view in these three layers of time (I have lived in Tehran from 1987 till 2012):

|1| Past | {Memories} “ I remember playing beside the giant blue swimming pool, trying to find the most beautiful gravels by washing them under the water. The sun was shining. I used to wear boys swimsuit and had my haircut really short. I was running with bare foot, without the towel around the swimming pool, which was in the middle of the gray concrete buildings…”

|2| Present | Represents today’s Tehran’s visual and architectural image. These are all came to my mind while I am thinking of Tehran: “Mountain, reflective mirrors, black, buildings in construction, shop windows, newspaper, water coolers, gray, cars, governmental wall paintings, fund charity boxes, kiosks, flags, sky ways, monuments, satellites, complex buildings, mosques, buses, texts, advertisement stickers….” I will use these as representatives of Tehran, trying to illustrate the city’s gesture.

|3| Future | {Fiction}

These three layers will be gathered simultaneously in a book with my ideas represented by illustrations, drawings, photos and text.

The book will be accompanied with a video.

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