Bojana Ristic /Provocative Architecture

Defining virtual means giving it an attribute of “non physical”, and stripped of such, it’s existence it’s not measured with physical world. I became interested in materializing virtual as if it was part of the world which it doesn’t belong to. I started exploring menus, windows and applications which I see on my computer and which exist equally as the physical things surrounding me. In my work I am creating this antinomy of virtual being physical and being placed in physical world. I am interested in this paradox of materializing something which by its nature does not exist in such form. By finding the places which correspond to each of them, their implementation becomes natural as it can be. My idea is presented through medium of photography. What happens in the frames of photography creates world for itself and for that reason it is the perfect medium for presenting something which does not have physical form in its original existence.



For the presentation photos were mounted and hanged on the wall.