Beth Hughes/ Prov. Arch/ 04.11.12


I am currently creating collages with found/ printed materials.

I am working around the loose idea of the architecture of power, more specifically brutalist architecture, the architecture of bunkers/ concrete/ defence and ultimately the psychological impact of these kinds of architecture.

I am collaging both with paper and on Photoshop. I’m working towards a series of images that can be displayed together as an installation.

I have a few ideas as to how I will develop these collages, one of which being that they would be presented on a TV screen (or two… or three) and cut with video footage (It wouldn’t have a linear narrative but be more a collage of related imagery).


  • Paul Virilio Bunker Archaeology ISBN 1568980159
  • Frederic Chaubin CCCP - Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed ISBN 9783836525190
  • Martin Parr Boring Postcards USA: Insights into American social, cultural and architectural values
  • Peter York Dictators' Homes: Lifestyles of the World's Most Colourful Despots

Prov. Arch/ Mid November

I am continuing to develop my collages using scanned in photographs:

Coastcollage1.jpg Coastcollage2.jpg Coastcollage3.jpg Coastcollage4.jpg Coastcollage5.jpg Coastcollage6.jpg Coastcollage7.jpg Coastcollage8.jpg



Presentation 18th Dec 2012

Slide Projection

Slideimage1.jpg Slideimage2.jpg Slideimage3.jpg Slideimage4.jpg Slideimage5.jpg Slideimage6.jpg

Collages/ January





Studio Installation

Artefacts1.jpg Artefacts2.jpg

Artefacts3.jpg Artefacts4.jpg

Artefacts5.jpg Artefacts6.jpg

Artefacts7.jpg Artefacts8.jpg

Artefacts9.jpg Artefacts10.jpg

Artefacts11.jpg Artefacts12.jpg