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1. A hazy Mediterranean scene, high-rise hotels with colourful flowers and towels draped over balconies, a confusion of TV antennae from their roofs.
2. A large angular grey structure, displaced, on a stretch of sand at the shore.
3. Blocky buildings with rows of windows seemingly inserted into a cliff face following the curvature of the coastal geography.
4. A pier-like structure aggressively jutting out into the sea.
5. A vast floating concrete object obscuring the landscape, light and shade revealing its acute angles.
6. A close up shot of pink flowers in bloom, perhaps Rhododendrons, unfocused.
7. An empty swimming pool, an immense inverse shape.
8. A plainly furnished hotel room, yellowing white walls, a small gilt frame holding a reproduction print of a surrealist painting above an unmade bed.
9. A hairpin bend in a road, a vast convex form emerging from the tarmac on the inner curve of the road.