Brainstorming session

Beauty can also emerge from horror

1. What?

  • Spaces to die
  • Set someone for the afterlife
  • The death as a reflection of our own life
  • Cemetery → tombs
  • Mexican skulls → colorful

2. Where?

  • Social & political criticism
    • Mexico → difficult times
    • Organized crime-related violence has claimed 57,449 lives in Mexico during the last six years
    • 60,000 (Mex) – 150,000 (USA)
  • Beauty can also emerge from horror

3. How?

The challenge is to combine the Mexican skulls painting technic/color/shapes/idea of death, with the pain/sadness/anger caused by the death of 60,000

  • A book/yearbook with 57,449 pieces/shapes
  • A relief wall/surface with the same number of pieces. Maybe each piece will be a part of a final image/3D model

What to represent? How to deal with it?

I've been drawing, writing, taking pictures and watching movies, all related to the idea of "death".

List of things that die:

  • People
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Batteries
  • Cells
  • Bacterias
  • Light
  • Hope
  • Fire
  • Desire
  • Dreams
  • Hope

A new approach

Abandoned properties and places are frozen in time, but also dying little by little everyday. I guess there are a lot of reasons why people leave the place where they used to live for years or maybe generations. These places remain there, hiding secrets and telling stories at the same time.

The abandoned rooms can look charming and lovely or frightening and horrifying, and that's what I like about them: it's easy to find beauty in urban decay and ruins of the past.

The charming decadence of the things

Final Presentation | Performance