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-> Code 

Code with Processing 1

HA1 2RE.png

15 pieces in grid

HA1 1SlideshowBeatyRE.gif

slideshow of 9 images

Parkschloss Parts RE.png

cut tiles

-> Code 

Code with Processing 2

Sliced duck.png

sliced Images

-> Code 

Code with Processing 3

Weimi brushed RE.png

Weimaraner brushed plaque

-> Code 

Code with Processing 4


Parkhöhle: by clicking on the color points you will hear what happens under the surface

-> look how it works!  
-> Code 

End of Semester: Let it snow!


By clicking on the Image you will see and hear how the snow cannon works.

-> look how it works!
-> Code 
-> load Image
-> load Sound

Snow Imagination.png

White Imagination