This is the Processing im Park page for Rachel Smith

Homework One


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Nine photos taken in the park on the theme of 'fantasy'. Each loop takes one second.

Homework Two

Homework Two Cut Ups.png

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Using an array to make a collage of two different photos.

Homework Three

Making a brush with an array of images. Attempt one with a simple alpha mask. Attempt two with an array of alpha masks to fit the array of images.

Rachelhomework31.png Flowerbrush1.png Flowerbrush2.png Flowerbrush4.png

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Homework Four

Making a soundboard of different animal sounds. The sounds play and the images appear in the grass as the mouse passes over trigger points.

Soundboardrs1.png Soundboardrs2.png Soundboardrs3.png

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Homework Five

Pixel sorting. Here the code arranges pixels from a snowy image into different arrangements. One according to brightness and one according to the intensity of green.

Bubblesortrs3.png Bubblesortrs1.png Bubblesortrs2.png

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Homework Six

Editing video footage. Using video of birds swarming, I used the pixel array to extract colour details and draw an ellipse wherever the brightness value fell below a certain threshold.

Mov2400.png Birdsellipse.png Birdsellipse2.png

Watch video here

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Homework Seven

This time we used the webcam to manipulate the image. I adapted the code we made in class using the random function to update in different sized rectangles each frame.

Facesquares1.png Facesuares2.png Facesquares3.png

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Homework Eight

Here I experimented with automatically solving a labrynth. In the end it is semi-automatic - it gets stuck unless you override it with the mouse keys. Needs a bit more work...

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Final Project Progress


1. Image 1 2. Image 2 3. Blend 4. Add 5. Subtract 6. Darkest 7. Lightest 8. Difference 9. Exclusion 10. Multiply 11. Screen 12. Overlay 13. Hard Light 14. Soft Light 15. Dodge 16. Burn

Notes: 'Subtract' only picks up on extreme differences. 'Darkest', 'Lightest' and 'Difference' could be useful. 'Difference' continually flickers in draw mode.

Using pixel arrays and colour selection to draw with a video of swarming birds

Drawing with Birds Screenshot.png

Video here | Birds and Light

Early attempts at drawing with my face. Pixels ending up in the wrong place...

Drawing With Face One.png

Pixel location fixed but now need to limit the pixels to the eye area Drawing With Face Two.png Drawing With Face Three.png

Now using eye recognition!

Eye Drawing.png

Now using the pixel colour array of a video of birds swarming to 'track' the birds. The code is sensitive to light and dark rgb values.

See video here

Birdsstill1.png Birdsstill2.png Birdsstill4.png Birdsstill5.png

Now using this technique with the webcam to track eyes.

Birdsstill6.png Birdsstill3.png

See video here Password: birds

Added an interface so that the user can select their own RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace values for their eyes...

Drawing a cross with my eyes


How the code works


See video here

See code here