Maike Effenberg

This is the processing page of Bhgvt aka. Maike Effenberg

Homework 1

We had a little walk through the IlmPark and took a lot of pictures. My not self-selected topic was
" D O G F E C E S".

First I created a new picture by using
a grid that cuts a picture into nine pieces and organizes them in a different order.
--> Code here
the Grid

Then I made little doggy-slideshow
--> Code here

the Slideshow‎

Homework 2

Editing pictures using processing.
--> Code here


Homework 3

For the third homework we were working with brushes. First we took a few photos of an object or area we were interested in.
So that the pictures give us a good impression of the object.

The first brush only uses one picture that rotates around the mouse.
--> Code here


The second brush uses all pictures I took.
You get the impression the object is moving
only by showing it from different angles.
--> Code here