Let's get started with python and ffmpeg

  1. Pick and download a video with a lot of edits. New coverage is good.
  2. use the PySceneDetect tool (link on main page) to detect the scenes and extract them. (You need to install Python and ffmpeg) scenedetect -i goldeneye.mp4 -o output_dir detect-content -t 27 list-scenes split-video
  3. reattach the clips in a different order with ffmpeg:
  4. make a playlist file with the content:
   # concatenate the following clips together
   file 'goldeneye-Scene-008.mp4'
   file 'goldeneye-Scene-005.mp4'
   file 'goldeneye-Scene-018.mp4'

5. run ffmpeg ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i playlist.txt -c copy output.mp4

Bonus learn some python to further automate the process