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Werkmodul Fachmodul

Credits: 4 SWS

Venue: DIY Biolab @ Marienstraße 7b, Room 204

Lecturer(s): Mindaugas Gapševičius

First meeting 17.10.2023

Time: 13:30-16:45

In summer 2023 Media Environments Chair proposed to discuss a theme of "non-machines." While the conference and the exhibition were organized at the Bauhaus University, the exhibition was later presented at the Ars electronica Festival. The events explored how emerging technologies, particularly digital technologies, suggest new relationships between artists and their technological tools. We raised questions: How can and should machines and non-machines relate to each other? How can the use of new methods and tools help us experience the environment?

The Non-machines course proposes to discuss the idea of a machine and its relationship with non-machines: human and non-human actors or tools not yet integrated into a machine network. In the first half of the course, we will practically implement the methods presented in the aforementioned events, while the second half of the course will be dedicated to developing our own methods in relation to the targeted individual ideas. The result of the course - conceptualized and implemented artistic ideas that can be further developed as independent artistic projects.

Priority will be given to students attending satellite courses: DIY Biolab Driver's License by Alessandro Volpato and/or Tired Machines Orchestra by Christian Doeller.

To register for the course, please first write a short motivation to No previous knowledge is required

The successful completion of the course is the attendance of the seminar and the documented work on GMU wiki. The documentation may contain text, video, images, sketches, sound, and other digital formats.


17.10.2023 /Introduction

24.10.2023 /SelfPleasure

07.11.2023 /awareness and movement in a phonetic garden

14.11.2023 /technologies of care

21.11.2023 /tips for writing applications