The Door // Tommy Neuwirth

the question is:

First Step:

making detailed pictures

Second Step:

recording detailed sounds

Third Step:

having a first "wow" after fooling around with the material

Fourth Step (first break) - Untitled:

suddenly loosing control over my body, filming it and releasing it as: Untitled

Fifth Step:

lost in abstraction

something like an AfterEffects tutorial on my own.
making woosh and swoosh and bling without any direction.
nice but what the hell is it about? stop!

Sixth Step (second break) - Confessional:

trying it the Pure Data way.
playing around with some audio-video-tutorials.
filming my eyes with a delay-effect that causes a strange colour-effect.
editing it with final cut.
making music.
the result is: Confessional

Seventh Step (obligatory break) - Jiří Kovanda + The Books:

seminar paper

Eighth Step (third break):

falling into a deep hole and listening to the music of john maus.

Ninth Step (The End):

coming soon