First try


I have to add others musical instuments

Second try


The toggle button sends a signal to the "metro" object that allows you to set the miliseconds between the creation of each notes (I chose 500 by default for each). It then sends a signal to the "random" object to which I have set a limit of 120 like all the others so that the selected number is between 1 and 120. I then display this number and with the help of “makenote” (to which I limit a velocity of 120 and a duration of 100) I create this note. I display, even if it’s not very useful, a second time the note number created just before. And “noteout” lets you listen to this note.

The other series of sound are constructed in the same way except that I have added the object «pgmout» which allows globalment to have different notes than during the first series. In order to differentiate my series, I change the velocity and duration of the note when I create it with «makenote» and this allows me while having the same series to obtain a very different sound.

Now all you had to do was create your own orchestra and change the miliseconds with the "metro" object if you wanted to