Week 01

Representation of the curve drawing instruction
The drawing instruction is File:Drawaline.pdf

KK firstcurve.png

Week 03

1. random distribution function

KK randomness.png

2. curve controlled by randomness

KK randomwalk.png

Week 04

1. turtle walk
The curve shows the turning point of the turtle.

KK turtle01.png

2. turtle walk with data
The selected background image is converted to the command which defines the direction of turtle walk.
Each pixels of the image are sampled, and the strongest one of the R, G or B is assigned as a command.
Thus, the direction of the curve reflects the dominant color factor
To test locally, you can download this project;

KK turtle02.png

Week 05

1. recursive curve

KK fractal01.png

2. L-system

KK fractal2.png

Week 06

breitenberg vehicle
Each vehicles prefer either of red, green or blue lights.
You can drag the lights by keep pressing the central point of the light.

KK breitenberg vehicle1.png

Week 07

breitenberg vehicle with custom environment
Vehicles draw streaks with brushes.
Each vehicles prefers either of dark area or bright area of their environment.

My original sketch uses external .png file as brushes.
You can download .zip and test it with your own brush image on your local editor.

KK breitenberg vehicle2.png

Week 10

magnetic matrix
Needles moves continuously by the influence of the noise field.
When you drag on the needles, they create circular pattern around the mouse pointer.

KK magnetrix.png

Week 11/12

This sketch has 4 visualization functions.
"drawLevel" shows the loudness of the sound.
"drawWaveform" and "drawFFT" shows waveform and the result of FFT analysis.
"drawOsci" shows waveforms of audio input from the mic of your computer
Also, there are different functional sounds assigned 1 - 6 keys on your keyboard.

KK soundfun.png

Semester project

I have tried to generate curves on the surface of 3d model, so that the curvy patterns of mesh forms 3d object.
The idea comes from Japanese traditional patterns of water flow ,
and I'd like to get smilar result by adjusting parameters of noise.

Work in progress:

File:curve generation test

KK meandering wip1.png

File:curve generation test

KK meandering wip2.png

KK meandering wip3.png

File:curve generation test

KK meandering wip4.png

KK meandering wip5.png