Random Bell Sequencer

Video: Screen Recording of How the patch works

This is a simple random sequencer. Generally, it is a mechanism that controls the operation sequence of a machine by starting the next operation with the signal that one operation has finished with the sequencer.

A mechanism that continuously controls a sequencer and a series of operations in Midi. A peripheral device of a synthesizer, which is an automatic musical instrument.


Metro and Counter

Using these objects in combination with others to create patch which coordinates the playback of sound files over time.

Metro is Metronome

When turned on, with a toggle, it outputs a bang at a specified number of millisecond (ms.). This argument can be included in the object or changed dynamically with a numerical input to the right inlet.


Counter does exactly what I would expect it to: it counts. It takes arguments for direction (0 - up, 1 - down, 2 - up/down) and a range. This counter, as it's set up now, counts up from 1 to 4. Take time to look at the help for counter to find out about all of its other inlets and outlets.


Random only works with integers, but notice that it only takes a little math to use it to produce floats. minimum and maximum function similarly. Used scale in conjunction with a sizable random allows to produce random numbers in any range.

Max for Live

Max for Live includes a collection of Audio devices and Instruments derived from Cycling '74's Pluggo plug-in collection. This subset of the original Pluggo plug-ins are full-fledged Max for Live devices, and will provide both hours of signal-mangling fun and also interesting examples of various approaches to plug-in design.

Big Ben Bell

Big Ben Bell is an FM-based bell synthesizer, with five preset harmonic settings, a stereo spread synthesizer and a simple attack/decay envelope.

How to play

  • Load and activate the global transport.
  • Turn on Ezdec~
  • Choose note from ksilder
  • Press the Toggle button and the sound will play
  • At Big Ben Bell of Harmonic or of sound through Stereo, Attack, Decay are played differently based on a random value.




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