GMU:Making the Artist Present. Exploring Performative Practices

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Werkmodul Fachmodul Bauhaus.Modul

Credits: 4 SWS

Venue: Digital Bauhaus Lab (Bauhausstraße 9a)

Lecturer(s): Martin Mueller (Mentoring: Prof. Ursula Damm)

First meeting: Oct. 19th 2023

Time: Thursdays, 13:30 - 16:45

This class provides space and time to gather and explore performative acts as a means of artistic practice.

Performative acts encompass our relationships, subjective positioning in the world, and culture. While they have always been taking part in art production, performance art as a medium itself is relatively new. Due to its transient nature this medium can have an air of the mythical and intangible. However, it offers great potential for subversive artistic expression. Together we will delve into the enticing scopes of this medium.

Throughout the semester we will examine what it is that constitutes performance. We will explore diverse methodologies of performance art and the significance of embodiment. We will also investigate the dynamics between performers and audience, as well as the concept of shared space. While these are some of the questions we will address, the aim is to create a space that welcomes all types of questions, impulses, and experiments from its participants. The course will be open to explore various dimensions of performative practice.

We will engage in bodily movement, active participation, perception, analysis, and discussions. Along the way we want to give focus to perceiving space, time and community. Our approach will be practice-based, but complementing it by readings can be worthwhile. Time will be offered to share and discuss inputs.

Anyone interested in a practical approach to performance is welcome to join, regardless of their background or expertise. The sharing of diverse knowledge and perspectives is strongly encouraged.

The impulses and experiments we undertake will depend on the interests of the group, but some potential areas of exploration include:

  • Presence and co-presence
  • Rhythm, repetition and exhaustion
  • Absence and silence
  • Scores (performance instructions)
  • Voice and movement
  • Space
  • Public sphere
  • Cyberspace and performance in the digital age


  • A general interest in performative practices in the art field. Openness to work with your own body and to find collaborative ways to narration. Openness to share own experience and listen to others'.

If you want to take part, write a short message (3-4 sentences) describing your interest to