Like a glitch in the mindframe - A live A/V concerts build in Touchdesigner
Dr. Phil. Alexander König media-art-theory.com
Mi. 13:30 to 16:30 starting 19.10.2022
Digital Bauhaus Lab - Bauhausstraße 9a - Gestalterisches Zentrum 001

We will create a live improvised Audio-Visual Concert with the Software “Touchdesigner”, that will be shown in the form of an event at the end of the semester. The sound component is on an equal footing with the video and was developed in a constant dialogue between the artists. Therefore musicians are very welcome in this seminar! The dramaturgy follows a clear line and combines numerous abstract forms of visualization and programming. The project refers to the rise of pop-cultural references in digital media in the early 2000s, but instead of the tedious processes of that time, improvisation and recombination are part of artistic expression.


Video of Summaery Performance 2022

AB3.jpg Demo at Ars Electronica Campus 2022 with Pedro Rodolpho Ramos

Software is subject to constant updates and innovations, so the seminar will teach general concepts that have general validity. In addition, strategies for self-learning and how to stay "up to date" are taught.

The students learn the software on the basis of their own projects, so the course is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Please download and install Touchdesigner https://derivative.ca/ and get familiar with the software https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFrhecWXVn5862cxJgysq9PYSjLdfNiHz

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