GMU:Keeping Track/assignment two

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Michaela: Tracking my crazy jogging trace

There's a long distance competition for runners every autumn in Jena, the so-called Kernberglauf. It's a tricky 27 km long contest around Jena's mountainous landscape. I thought about tracking a curious route for workout one's running skills concerning speed & reactivity.

Location: Jena - Kernberge (see the corner down to the right) {{ #display_map: 50.920193195343, 11.6030859947205 | service=openlayers | layers=osm-mapnik,osmarender,osm-cyclemap | zoom=14 }}

That's the house of St. Ni-cho-las (the eight syllables according to the eight parts of my trace)

My proposal:

  1. Warm-up while running along the trace
  2. Run along this trace as fast as you can
  3. Try to enhance your speed 4 times (that's - the - house - of) & than slow it down (St. - Ni - cho - las)
  4. Change beetwen fast (that's - house - St. - cho) and slow (the - of - Ni - las) speed
  5. Repeat step two to four corresponding to your level of fitness: beginners - three reruns / advanced runners - up to 15 loops. Don't forget to measure your time!
  6. Use this workout two or three times a week during your preparations for a long distance run and next to your endurance training.

Katre: 30 km/h areas in Arnstadt

{{ #display_map: 50.83471, 10.9474 | service=openlayers | layers=osm-mapnik,osmarender,osm-cyclemap,osm-oepnv | zoom=15 }} I marked with JOSM all areas in Arnstadt, where max speed is 30 km/h

Ana, Laura and Jörg were making a Rectangle

We tried to create/draw a rectangle by walking with a recording GPS-Device. The street around a park in Weimar gave us the pattern.

{{ #display_map: 50.977812, 11.328545 | service=openlayers | layers=osm-mapnik | width=500 | height=500 | zoom=17 }}

Henning: Ellinger near Weimar

Took Ellinger, TX, USA (because it is near Weimar, TX, USA) and transfered it to the hinterland of Weimar, Germany. Then i tracked a trip to the West Train Street in Ellinger, Germany. The data was transfered to, but i had pangs of conscience, so i took some pictures and restored the real data.

Henning: Urban Tic-Tac-Toe

I played a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with a friend via SMS. Due to the design and lay-out of a the roads in my neighborhood i thought it would be a good playing field. So i tracked me running through the backyards reconstructing the run of play of our Tic-Tac-Toe match on the new playing field.

Moritz und Frederic: Weltreise

We did a journey around the globe and took some nice pics! We uploaded them on google earth so you can check the places we've been. Let's see if google will accept our pics so our journey will be officially done...


Gesine ::pimp an island::

transform gough island (atlantic ocean) into sesamstraße island

liana : bus linie 1

bus track that I should take if I want to go to Hauptbahnhof Weimar


  1. display_map:

50.98387, 11.32628 | service=openlayers | layers=osm-oepnv,osm-mapnik,osmarender,osm-cyclemap,bing | zoom=15 }}

marianne: Rapunzels tower

there's a new tourist sight in Weimar Ilm Park!

Rapunzels tower.jpg

I only have the picture of the editing mode out of JOSM because it's not shown in OSM (jet?)

Gentian: Walking in City

I walk around the city center in Weimar, and I record my tracks with GPS. Than I edit recorded track in JOSM Editor, and finally I put it online in OSM.