GMU:Keeping Track/assignment three

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Henning: Controlling Frequency

sine scratch

In this patch the movement in x-direction is mapped to the frequency of a cosine wave oscillator. The movement in y-direction is mapped to the amplitude of the cosine wave. Media:sine.pd

Henning: Visual Scratch

scratch waveform

In this patch the movement in x-direction controls the index of an array. The array contains the data of a sound file, so the index points to a position in the sound file. Through movement the pointer plays the sound file. Media:sound Media:scratch.pd

Gesine: 12-Ton-Musik


It is a simple pd-experiment. Thrue changing the data you can influence the music. The process takes some time. First you need to record you body movement. For that it is the best to push the frames high up, after a while you can regulate the frames back to one. Like that, you will get a pipe sound which fits to your body movement. Media:12TonMusik.pd

Katre: Equalizers

The program translates the sound frequenzes that come in to bars, the loudness of sound changes the height and colour.

colourful equalizer


Michaela: My first Pure Data steps

My first pd patch regarding compute sensing via a webcam. If something is moving in front of the cam: silhouettes are appearing, red circles are turning around & a flashy sound is running. I also included some features to click, e.g. to switch between filled circles or just an outline of the circles.

Media:My first

Liana : Follower

My first experience with Pure Data and I tried to make some bars following the movement on the reverse image and it also influenced by the sounds.


Marianne: It's a cloudy day

The gem window is divided in two parts. Depending on the part where the blob takes place it's either a rainy or a sunny day.

Media:cloudy.pd Media:rainy cloud.jpg Media:sunny cloud.jpg

Moritz und Frederic: Fliegenfänger

Catch the fly...!

Both movement and sound of the fly are connected to the output of the camera tracking. By clapping the hands the fly (picture + sound) disappears. Two seconds later the fly appears again. If you want to open the patch on your pc you first need to import the abstract fliegenbild.pd in your pd library. Load the picture Fliege1.jpg into the abstract Fliegenbild as well.

<videoflash type>2bw88xBDEQc|400|300</videoflash>

Media:Fliegenfänger.pd Media:Fliegenbild.pd Media:Fliege1.jpg

Laura: Legal Illegality

For all of you who dont have papers... ;)

Media:visum.pd, Media:visa.jpg

Ana: etwas

das Patch ist ein chaotische Experiment mit Klang und Video Signale.

Media:tarea 19.pd

gentian : sound and webcam

Simple Pd patch relating sound and webcam