GMU:Keeping Track/assignment one

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Katre: Sponge trip

Two colour-filled sponges spend a day travelling around in a box with a tram. The sponges move around and leave a trace that in a closer look remind a map.



Keeping Track.jpg


Gesine: carbonslide


marianne: Nick the easy rider

Popcorn was dyed with food coloring and heated in a pot. The bursting corn inside the pot left spots where it hit the inner surface of the pot.

Popcorn Ergebnis oben neu.jpg
Effect under the lid

Henning: Carbon Copy

A package wrapped in white paper wrapped in carbon copy paper.

Henning: Brightness

A package with a photoresistor on top connected to an Arduino Duemilanove and a power supply. The value of the photoresistor is something between 0 .. 255 (1 byte). Data is saved to the EEPROM (1 kB). This results in 17 minutes of logging. The output was created with Processing.

Xinglang: Colored Tracks

A sparkle-shape-paper-ball integrated with colored pencils, which is connected to the lid of the box with a elastic. I took it on a bus, it tracks the movement of bus on all sides inside the box.

Michaela: Tracking à la Knowles

I prepared a package with paper, metal wires, key rings & markers. I asked a friend to take it with her via car from Jena to Berlin & to send it back to me. The follwowing pics prove the procedure & show the results after I've received the package from the postman.

Michaela: Recording à la Kasperavicius

My second experiment consists of two white cards, which were shrouded in carbon copy paper & inserted in an envelope. I sent the letter from Jena to Magdeburg & got it back again. I scaned the results & tried to analyze the pixels with processing, as you can see on the pics below.

Ana: 4-Experiement

Experiemnt2 ana.jpg

laurafong: tracking my desk and what happens when the lights go down and I start to roll on my chair


liana :

Mailart liana.chandra.jpg

Moritz: Dunkelkammer 1.0


Walter: Recording g-force

Yuanyuan: My Shopping Track

My shopping track.jpg

Jörg: Depending on the help of strangers

A single use foto camera was send from Bremen to Weimar. It was marked with the advice to shoot fotos. Unfortunately the camera arrived in Weimar with no fotos. to be continued...

Kamera teaser.jpg

Gentian: Tracking Box

In this box, I record my track from road Merketalstr till Hauptbahnhof in Weimar. In the simple box, I put a modified bicycle compass, in order to track my movements in white letter.