1. Benjamin presents two social conditions that lead to the disappearance of Aura in the ‘art works of the age of technological cloning’(Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit ). It is an ardent desire of the modern crowd to bring things closer to themselves both spatially and in humans. Similarly, the modern crowd tends to overcome the monomanity of all things through cloning. – Benjamin, modernity and the city _ Theory by No myoung woo
  2. Industrialization, Modernization, Urban Civilization -> Destroying the ongoing affinity between man and things and leaving things in the realm of unfamiliar and fragmented one-time experience
  3. Function of monument.

In general – commemorate a person who is famous and born in the place or a specific accident that occurs in the place. Architecture, urbanism – attract tourist, offer meeting point, share the shape(symbolic architect in the city) My opinion – Urban monuments serve to transform individuals from a single person into members of a community that shares time (history) / space (city)

  1. An attempt to recover relationships between modern people living in an urbanized society where things, content (images, videos, sounds), and memories (in some ways, the reason for a photo shoot is used in one of the easiest ways to be physically remembered, in order to forget the relationship with the present moment) are quickly consumed, discarded and reproduced and their surroundings.

-> Make a monument out of personal minor history. <Example>. A Russian roommate, DimitrI, broke the red bowl i received from my friend Jung Hae-yoon by mistake. Three pieces of broken bowl.