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Mindless robots that only know how to go forward, working as a group to manoeuvre around obstacles and achieve the goal of surveillance as a collaborative behaviour system.

"KUK15" represents the concepts of social insects, for example - ants, bees, termites and wasps - which can be viewed as powerful collective intelligence, consisting of interaction agents among individuals and the environment.

LINK TO VIDEO OF KUK-15 => https://vimeo.com/290742912



Focusing on the topic of self-organization, came to the capture of swarm intelligence which opened up new inspiration and ideas to represent it.

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Big role of main inspiration played book "Swarm intelligent", and online research about bug robots (link of second picture article)



By using a simple circuit I started created my own creatures


Instead of 9V battery and motor i use 3V battery and motor


First experiments and prototypes


There was a plenty of problems from the beginning, the main was the sustainability. Nothing was working after approximately 15 minutes, problem was in battery! As you can see in picture i was using simple AA and button cell batteries.




Battery from old laptops whit charging possibility.


Work in progress

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Results: KUK-15


KUK - from Latvian (mother language) word kukainiņi which mean bugs. 15 - number of creatures.

Research presentation File:Self_organization_as_a_concept_in_art.pdf

Previous work



Final work of BA theses, 2017


BY IT SELF is machine who following principle of self - organisation* generating patterns. At work, this concept is played as a installation → which itself is interpretation of complex chaotic mechanisms, where each smallest irritation is able to make changes throughout the all system that gradually smooth out and settle.

/* Self-organization is a system that can continuously reproduce itself by moving from one stable state to another. It deals with borderline issues such as chaos and order



This concept exposing fundamental representations, in the search for unconventional aesthetic processes

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Picture: Slime mold / Gints Gabrans "Out of nowhere" (LV artist) / Conway's Game of Life



Conceptual goals: Bild environment who can deal with borderlines as chaos and order thru simple way of transition from one state to another, following principles of self-organization.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 14.26.03.png Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 14.31.20.png

First visionary thoughts / Solution (pendulum method)

Practial goals: To build the machine which can represent self-organization process, by using basic computing platform Arduino to affect method of pendulum.


Approximate posible circuit



In the begging clay was meant for representative material of self organisation, but because of the viscose of clay, no desired results were achieved.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 15.27.39.png

First sketch, experiments, clay, work flow, problems / possible solution.



Simple water based colour was good solution to achieve final results. Electronic was helping to make this process alive, by "controlling" valve solenoid and motor.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 15.37.27.png

First primitive pendulum whit colour, experiments whit electronic, search for right materials, a lot experiments.



Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 15.50.48.png

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LINK TO VIDEO "By it self" => https://vimeo.com/274869848